Product categories widget

The Prodigy Product Categories widget allows you to add category navigation to any available widget area in your theme.  To use the widget, just log in to your WordPress Admin and navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.

Then click on the widget, select the widget area that you want to add it to and click the Add Widget button.


Widget Settings

After you have added the product categories widget to a widget area, you can then click on it to open the settings.



The default title for the widget is Browse Categories, however, you can change this if you prefer a different title.

Order by

The Order by dropdown allows you to select the order that the top level categories will appear.  You can either select to order them by category ID or by category name.  The default ordering is by category ID.

Show product counts

If the show product counts checkbox is checked, you will see the count of products assigned to each category next to the category name.  If the checkbox is unchecked, you will just see the category names without the product counts.  The default value is checked.

Show hierarchy

This checkbox determines if the products will be displayed with the parent/child hierarchy or in a flat structure.  The default value is checked.

Hide empty categories

If the hide empty checkbox is checked you will only see categories that have one or more products assigned to them.  The default value is checked.

After you have made any changes to the widget settings, just click the Save button and you will then see the customized widget on the frontend of your website.


Template Override

The template used by this widget can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

Copy from:


Copy to:



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