Categories filter shortcode

The Prodigy Categories Filter shortcode displays your store's category tree.  This shortcode is demonstrated in the shop sidebar if you have installed our demo content.


Example Usage

Displays the store's category tree with hierarchy and product counts.


Available Attributes


Determines if product counts are displayed next to each category.  Acceptable values are:  true, false.  Default value is true.

[prodigy_categories_filter show_product_count="false"]


Determines if the categories are shown in a hierarchical or flat structure.  Acceptable values are: true, false.  Default value is true.

[prodigy_categories_filter show_hierarchy="false"]


Determines if categories with no associated products are shown or hidden.  Acceptable values are: true, false.  Default value is true.

[prodigy_categories_filter hide_empty="false"]


Accepts a positive integer to determine the number of levels of the hierarchy to display.  

[prodigy_categories_filter max_depth="2"]

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

Copy from:


Copy to:



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