My account shortcode

The Prodigy My Account shortcode provides an easy way for your store's customers to log into the customer portal that is hosted on the Prodigy platform.

If the customer is not currently logged into the customer portal, the shortcode will display a login link and icon as shown below.


After the customer completes the login process and is redirected back to the WordPress website, they will then see the Account link next to the icon.


When the customer clicks on the Account link or icon, they will see a slide-out menu that provides easy navigation to various sections of the customer portal.


The Prodigy My Account shortcode can be automatically added to the end of any WordPress menu through our Customizer settings. From WordPress Admin, just navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Prodigy -> General. Select the checkbox labeled "Show My Account widget menu item" and use the multi-select to select the menu locations where you want it to appear. To select more than one location, hold the shift key while selecting the items.


Example Usage

Displays the link to the store's customer account portal hosted on the Prodigy platform.


There are no attributes required for this shortcode.

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

Copy from:


Copy to:



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