Products shortcode

The Prodigy Products shortcode allows you to display a list of specific products in either a slider or grid view.  This shortcode is demonstrated on our demo home page in the featured products section.


Example Usage

Show specific products by ID in three columns with ordering

[prodigy_products product_ids="1,2,3" columns="3" orderby="id" order="ASC"]

Show all products with a specific Tag in slider view

[prodigy_products tags="featured" display="slider"]

Show all products in specific Categories that are on sale in grid view

[prodigy_products category_ids="1,2" display="grid" on_sale="true"]

Available Attributes


Accepts a list of comma separated Product IDs to display.  You can find the Product IDs in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Products and looking for the ID column.

[prodigy_products product_ids="1,2,3"]


Accepts a list of comma separated Category IDs and displays all products in those categories.  You can find the Category IDs in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Categories and looking for the ID column.

[prodigy_products category_ids="1,2"]


Accepts a list of comma separated Product Name slugs to display.

[prodigy_products product_names="atomic-endurance-running-tee, layla-tee"]


Determines the number of product columns per row that will be displayed.  The default value is 4 columns per row if not specified.

[prodigy_products columns="3"]


Limits the number of products returned.  For example, if the other attributes specified in the shortcode match 8 products and the limit attribute is set to 4, then only the first 4 matching products will be displayed.

[prodigy_products limit="4"]


Accepts a comma separated list of product tags and displays all products associated with those tags.

[prodigy_products tags="featured,sale"]


Allows you specify the order in which the products will be displayed.  Acceptable values are: id, title, price, date, rating

[prodigy_products orderby="price"]


Determines if the sort order will be ascending or descending.  Acceptable values are: ASC, DESC

[prodigy_products orderby="price" order="ASC"


Allows you to restrict the returned products to only those that are on sale.  Acceptable values are:  true, false.  If set to true, only matching products that are currently on sale will be displayed.  If set to false, all matching products will be displayed regardless of sale status.  Default if false.

[prodigy_products on_sale="true"]


Determines if products will be displayed in slider or grid view.  Acceptable values are:  slider, grid.  Default it slider.

[prodigy_products display="grid"]

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

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