Related products shortcode

The Prodigy Related Products shortcode allows you to display a list of cross-sell or up-sell products in either slider or grid view.  This shortcode is demonstrated on some of the demo product detail pages below the product description section.


Example Usage

Show the up-sell products related to specific Product IDs

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1,2,3" type="up-sell"]

Show the cross-sell products related to a specific Product ID in grid view

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1" type="cross-sell" display="grid"]

Available Attributes


Accepts a list of comma separated Product IDs and displays the related products.  You can find the Product IDs in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Products and looking for the ID column.

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1,2,3"]


Determines whether to display up-sell or cross-sell products.  Acceptable values:  up-sell, cross-sell.  Default is up-sell if not specified.

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1,2,3" type="cross-sell"]


Determines the number of product columns per row that will be displayed.  The default value is 4 columns per row if not specified.

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1,2,3" columns="3"]


Determines if products will be displayed in slider or grid view.  Acceptable values are:  slidergrid.  Default it slider.

[prodigy_related_products product_ids="1,2,3" display="grid"]

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

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