Synchronizing store data

If you installed demo content or connected a store that had existing data during the setup wizard, you can then verify that your store data has been synchronized properly by navigating to Prodigy -> Products in the WordPress Admin.


You will then see a list of the products that have been synchronized from the Prodigy Cloud Platform.  If your website is hosted on a production server where the WordPress REST API is accessible, your product data will be automatically synchronized whenever products, categories, or attributes are added, deleted, or updated.  If you are running the website in a local development environment where the WordPress REST API is not accessible, you will need to manually synchronize your data when you make changes by clicking on the Sync with Prodigy link shown below.

The View Details link below each product title will navigate you to the product details page on the frontend of the WordPress website.  The Edit on Prodigy link will navigate you to the edit product page on the Prodigy Cloud Platform in a new tab.


The Categories link in the Prodigy menu will show you the list of product categories that were synchronized from the Prodigy Cloud Platform.  If you are in a development environment that requires manual synchronization, the categories will also be synchronized when you use the Sync with Prodigy link on the Products page.


You can also view your store's synchronized Product Attributes under the Prodigy menu.  These are also automatically synchronized when you synchronize your products.



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