Order Desk

The Order Desk App allows you to synchronize all of your store's orders over to Order Desk to automate your order management workflow.

In this article, we will cover the following topics:

Connect and configure the Order Desk App

To get started, log into your store and use the left navigation menu to go to Apps:


You will then see the list of all available apps and you can click the Enable button on the Order Desk app tile:


The next step is to enter your Order Desk API credentials into the app.


You can find the Order Desk API credentials by logging into your Order Desk account and navigating to Store Settings on the left side menu:


Then click on the API tab at the top of the page.


After entering the API credentials into the App in your Prodigy store and saving them, you will then need to click the Verify Connection button to test that the connection is successful.


After the connection is verified, you will then notice that the App status is changed to Enabled. The final step is to select the Order Desk folder that you want your new orders to flow into.  By default, this will be set to the New folder. After making a folder selection, click the Save App button.


Order synchronization

After connecting and configuring the Order Desk App, all new orders generated through your Prodigy store will automatically be synchronized over to Order Desk into the folder that you specified. The order will include all relevant details including shipping/billing addresses, line items with variant details, selected shipping method, and payment status. The Order ID will be set to the Prodigy Order Number to allow for easy cross-referencing.


You are then ready to use any other service providers that you have connected in Order Desk to manage the production and fulfillment process.

Fulfillment synchronization

The Order Desk App also synchronizes fulfillment information back to your Prodigy store to update the order fulfillment status and generate automatic shipment emails to the customer. The Prodigy Order Desk App periodically polls the Order Desk API checking for new shipments, so there can be a slight delay between creating the shipment in Order Desk and it appearing in your Prodigy store.

The synchronization is triggered when you add tracking information to the Order Desk order:


This will then result in a fulfillment being created for the order in the Prodigy store:


If you need to generate multiple shipments for different line items of an order, we recommend that you split the orders in Order Desk so that each order split has one shipment.  Prodigy will then correctly generate multiple fulfillments for the appropriate line items of the order.  Order Desk does not have the ability to assign line items to a shipment, so we assume that the first shipment applies to all line items of the order or split.



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