Managing Product Tags

In this article, you will learn more about how to:


To get started with managing your store's product tags, login to your WordPress Admin and navigate to Prodigy -> Tags.


Create a new product tag

In the left column of the tags page, you will see the New Tag form.  The Name that you give to the tag is what will be visible on the frontend of your website when customers are navigating by tag or viewing a product page.  The Slug is what will be used in URLs on the frontend of the site when customers are navigating to a tag page.  The slug can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens.  The Description field is optional.  When you are done, just click the Add new tag button to save the new tag.


Edit an existing product tag

You will see the list of all of your store's product tags just to the right of the new tag form.  To edit an existing product tag, just hover over the name of the tag, and you will see several links appear.  Click on the Edit link as shown below to navigate to the edit tag page.


You will then see the Edit tag form as shown below.  These are the exact same fields from the create new tag form.  You can edit them as you see fit and then click the Update button to save your changes.


Delete product tags

From your product tags list, you can delete an individual tag by hovering over the tag name and then clicking on the Delete link as shown below.


If you want to delete several product tags at the same time, you can use the Bulk Delete action.  Just check the boxes next the tags that you want to delete and then from the Bulk Actions dropdown select Delete and then click the Apply button as shown below.


In either case, you will be asked to confirm the action before the product tags are permanently deleted from the system.  To proceed with the deletion just click the OK button.


Assign tags to a product

From the Add Product or Edit Product pages, you will always see the product tags box in the right column.  To assign tags to that product simply start typing the name of a tag and and then select it when you see it appear in the list below the field.  When you have selected all of the relevant tags, just click the Add button.  


You will then see the selected tags as shown below and if you need to remove one, you can click the X  next to it.


When you are done don't forget to click the Publish button at the top right of the page to save your changes.

In the next article, we will go over how to Manage Product Attributes.