Quick edit a product

The Quick Edit feature allows you to edit certain product data from the products list without going to the full edit page.  To use quick edit, navigate to Prodigy -> All Products in the WordPress Admin to view your products list.  If you hover your cursor over the product title, you will see the Quick Edit link.


If you click on the link, you will then see the quick edit form.


You can edit the Title and Slug of the product by typing a new value in the fields.


In the Product Categories section you will see the current categories that the product is assigned to.  You can change these by checking additional categories or unchecking ones that you want to remove.


In the right column, you will see that you can edit the Product Tags by adding or removing tags from the comma separated list.  The Allow Comments checkbox can be used to enable or disable comments and reviews for the product.  You can also change the Status of the product by selecting a new value from the dropdown.


Finally, you can edit the Price, Sale Price, SKU, and Stock Status by entering new values.