Searching & filtering coupons

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Searching for coupons

The search bar on the Coupons page allows you to search for a specific coupon. You can search for a coupon by its name/code.

Enter a search term into the box marked with a magnifying glass, and your coupons list will be updated to show you the coupons that match that search term.



Filtering the coupons list

Although searching is useful to find a single coupon, filtering allows you to see all the coupons that match one or more criteria.  Coupons can be filtered by the following criteria:

  • coupon status
  • coupon type
  • times used
  • date coupon is going to be active



  1. From your Prodigy Commerce admin, go to the Coupons list
  2. Click Filter.

  3. Select the filter and conditions that you want, as well as a value

  4. Click Apply


The coupons list will now show the coupons that match your filters.  You can move between pages if there are multiple pages of results by clicking the page links at the bottom of the list.

Below the filter and search bar, you will see labels that summarize all of the filters that are currently active.  Click the x on the label to remove a particular filter.


Creating coupon groups

After you've applied one or more filters, you can save that filter as a coupon group that you can easily access in the future.  When you return to your Coupons list you will see links to all of your saved coupon groups just above the search and filter bar.


  1. Select the filters that you want to apply to the coupons list
  2. Click the Save Search button to the right of the search bar

  3. In the Save Search dialog, enter a descriptive name for the coupon group

  4. Click Save to create the coupon group.  You will then see a new link above the search and filter bar for your new saved coupon group.


If you later decide that you want to delete a coupon group, just navigate to that coupon group and click on the trash icon to the right of the search bar.  You will then see a dialog asking you to confirm that you want to delete the coupon group.



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