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Google Analytics App Setup

The Google Analytics App allows you to install Google Analytics tracking code on your checkout and customer account pages.  To get started, navigate to Apps on the left menu and then click on the Google Analytics tile.


You will then be on the configuration page for the Google Analytics app.  Just enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID in the field and click the Save button.


You can find your Google Analytics Tracking ID by logging into your Analytics account and navigating to Admin -> Property Settings and you will see it under Basic Settings as shown below:


Events Tracked

To get the most out of this App, we recommend that you enabled Enhanced eCommerce tracking in your Google Analytics account.  

The Prodigy Google Analytics app will register a variety of useful events that will provide detailed information about the interactions your customers have with the checkout process and customer account pages.  Some of the events that will be tracked include the following:

  • Event for each step of the checkout process
  • Event for a Coupon being applied
  • Purchase event that includes value and details about the items purchased
  • Customer logins
  • Customer account page views


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