Store locale settings

In this article, we will go over the Store Locale Setup step of the setup wizard.

The Prodigy Platform currently only supports United States based stores that transact in US Dollars.  So you will see that for now those settings are locked with those values.  We are working on adding support for additional countries and currencies that will be coming soon.

The two settings to focus on here are the units of measure for weights and dimensions of your products.  The values that you select here will be the defaults when you create new products that require shipping settings.  You can also override these defaults for each individual product if necessary.

After selecting your preferred units of measure, just click the Finish button and you are done with the plugin setup process.  You will be directed back to the WordPress Admin.


If you need to edit these values in the future, you can find these settings in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Settings.

In the next article, we will go over how to Manage Product Categories.