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After an order has been paid, the next step is to fulfill the order.  If you sell products or services that do not require fulfillment, this step is not applicable and the order will be complete once payment is captured.

To start the fulfillment process, navigate to the Orders list on the left sidebar menu and then click on the order number of the order that you want to fulfill to get to the Order Detail page.  Scroll down the order detail page until you see the Shipping section and click the Fulfill button:


There are two options on the fulfillment page.  You can create a label using one of your connected carriers (see our article on shipping settings to learn more about connecting carriers).  Or if you use another system for generating labels, you can simply mark the items as fulfilled.


Creating a shipping label

From the fulfillment page, the first step is to select the Create shipping label radio button and adjust the quantities of the items that you want to fulfill (if necessary).  If you only fulfill some of the available items on an order, you can always come back later and repeat this process until all items have been fulfilled.


The next step is to select the package that you will be using.  If you use your own packaging, you would select Custom Package.  If one of the carriers that you have connected supports flat rate packaging, you can select one of those.


If you are using a custom package, you can click into the dropdown field and you will see a list of any previously saved packages.


If the package that you want to use is not in the list, you can click the + Add New Package link and create a new package.  Just select the package type and fill in the information about the package and click the Add Package button.  


After you have selected the package that you are using, you will now see an accurate list of service levels and rates for all connected carriers.  The service level that your customer selected during the checkout process will be pre-selected.  If for any reason you need to change to a different carrier or service level you can select any that are available.


The next step is to select the date that the item will be shipped.


The final step is to select the label format and click the Buy shipping label button in the right sidebar.


You will then be directed back to the Order Detail page and if you scroll back down to the Shipping section, you will now see the Print Label button as well as a few other options.  If you find that you made a mistake on the fulfillment, you can use the Cancel Fulfillment option and the items will be available again for a new fulfillment.


Marking as fulfilled without creating a label

If you use another system to generate shipping labels or use other carriers that are not connected, you can use the mark as fulfilled option.  On the fulfillment page, just select the Mark as Fulfilled radio button and adjust the quantities of the items (if necessary).


Next, you can optionally enter the tracking number and carrier information.


If you select Other for the shipping carrier, you will need to manually enter the tracking URL for the shipment.  This URL will be used in the link in the shipping notification email that your customer will receive.


Finally, click the Mark as Fulfilled button to complete the fulfillment.


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