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You can create a return for any order with a Fulfilled status.  Just navigate to the Orders list on the left sidebar menu and click on the order number of the order that you want to create a return for to get to the Order Detail page.

Creating a return

From the order detail page, scroll down to the Shipping section and you will see the Return button if any of the items on the order have already been fulfilled.  Click the Return button to start the process.


You will then see the Return page as shown below.  If you would like to generate a return shipping label to send to your customer, you can check the Create Return Label box at the top of the page.  You must also enter a reason for the return in the Reason field.  If the customer is only returning some of the items on the order, you can adjust the quantities of each item on the order.


If you select the Create Return Label checkbox, you will then see a list of Carrier service levels to select from.  The default selection will be the same service level that was used to ship the item to the customer, but you can change this to any available service level.


After you have completed all of the information, you can select the label format in the top right column and then click the Submit button to create the return.


If you selected the Create Return Label checkbox, you will then see the dialog box shown below giving you the options to either print the label or email the label to the customer.


If you click the Email Label button you will then see the following dialog box that you can use to customize the message to your customer.


Enter your custom message to the customer and then click the Email Preview button so you can review the email before sending.  If you are satisfied, click the Send Return Label button and the email will be sent to the customer.  Otherwise, click the Cancel link so you can make any desired changes.


If you need to print or email a label again or if you need to void a return label, you can always access these functions from the Order Detail page.  Just navigate back to the order detail page and scroll down to the Shipping section.  The other options menu (...) in the return section will show a drop down with these options as shown below.


Receiving a return

After you have created a return, you can see a list of all of your store's returns by navigating to Orders -> Returns on the left menu.


You will then see a list of all of your store's returns.  You can use the search bar at the top of the list to search for the return by Order Number or Return ID.  Any returns that have not yet been received will have a status of Pending Receipt.


To start the process of receiving a return, click on the order number from the returns list to navigate to the Order Detail page.  You can also navigate to the order from your main Orders list as well.  Scroll down to the Shipping section and find the return that you are receiving and click the Mark as Received button to proceed.


You will then see the Receive Return screen as shown below.  There are two return actions available, you can either issue a refund or replace the item.  If you select Replacement as shown below, the item will become available for fulfillment again after you complete receiving the return.  You would then go through the normal process to fulfill the item(s) again.  If you did not receive all of the items that were part of the return, you can adjust the quantity of the items before proceeding.


If you need to change the return reason, you can click the Edit link next to the return reason and make any necessary changes.


After selecting Replacement and making any necessary changes, click the Submit Return button at the top of the right column to complete receiving the return.


If you select the Refund action instead of replacement, you will see the section shown below that will refund the payment to the original payment method that was used for the purchase.  The refund amount can be edited to account for your refund policies.  For example, if you do not refund shipping charges or if you have a restocking fee, you can subtract those amounts from the refund total.


After selecting the Refund action and making any necessary adjustments, click the Submit and Refund button in the right column as shown below to complete receiving the return.


You will then see a dialog box confirming that the refund was successful and a button to return to the order detail page.


In your Returns List, you will now see that the status of the return is Received and no further action is required.



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