Category link shortcode

The Prodigy Category Link shortcode allows you to display a single category overlay that links to the category page with an option to display the product count and a background image.  This shortcode is demonstrated on our demo home page in the style feed section.


Example Usage

Show a category link with a background image and product count

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" category_image=
"" show_count_products="true"]

Available Attributes


Accepts a single Category ID to display.  You can find the Category IDs in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Categories and looking for the ID column.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1"]


Accepts a single Category Name slug to display.

[prodigy_category_link category_slug="womens-hoodies"]


Determines if the count of products will be shown in the image overlay.  Acceptable values are:  truefalse.  Default value is true.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" show_count_products="false"]


Determines the opacity of the overlay with the category link.  Accepts a decimal between 0 and 1.  Default value is 0.5.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" opacity="0.4"]


Specifies the URL of an optional background image.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" category_image=""]


Specifies the height in pixels of the background image.  If set to less than the full height of the selected image, part of the image will be hidden (see image_position attribute below).  Value must include "px" at the end.  If height is not specified, the image will be displayed at full height.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" height="400px" category_image=""]


If the full height of the background image is not being displayed, the image_position specified the positioning of the background image.  Accepted values are:  center, top, bottom.  The default value is center.

[prodigy_category_link category_id="1" image_position="top" height="400px" category_image=""]

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

Copy from:


Copy to:



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