Managing product attributes

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Before we look at the specifics of managing product attributes, it is important to define a few terms as they are used in the Prodigy platform for clarity:

Attribute - An attribute is any descriptive feature of a product that has one or more values that will apply to specific products.  Examples of attributes include things like Brand, Activity, Material, Size, and Color.  Each of these would have multiple values where one or more may apply to a particular product.  For example, the Brand attribute for a store might have the values of Adidas, Nike, and New Balance. The appropriate value for this attribute would be assigned to each product.

Option - An option is a special type of attribute where multiple values would apply to one specific product and one value must be selected before the item can be purchased.  For example, a Size attribute will often be an option because a specific size needs to be selected before the item is purchased.

Variant - A product variant is one unique combination of option values for that product.  If a product has Size and Color options, there would be a variant for each unique combination of size and color that are available.

Create a new product attribute

To manage your store's list of product attributes and values, navigate to Products -> Attributes in the Prodigy Cloud Platform.


You will then be on the Attributes page.  To start the process of creating a new attribute, click on the Create Attribute button at the top right side of the screen.


The Attribute Name field is what will be visible on the frontend of your website when customers are using the attributes filter widget or viewing a product page. You can add several Attribute values to each Attribute. When you are done, just click the Create button to save the new attribute and its values.


Edit an existing product attribute

You will see the list of all of your store's attributes on the Attributes page. To edit an existing product attribute, just click on the name of the attribute, and you will be navigated to the Edit Attribute page.

There are exactly the same fields from the create new category form.  You can edit them and then click the Update button to save your changes.  To delete an attribute value, click on the x to the right of the value.  You can change the order of the attribute values by drag and drop.


Delete a product attribute

You can delete an attribute from the Edit Attribute page by clicking on the Delete button.


You will then be asked to confirm the action before the product attribute is permanently deleted from the system.


It is important to understand that if the attribute has been assigned to any products, you must first remove the attribute from those products before you can delete it.

That's all you need to know about managing product attributes.  In the next article, we will go over Importing products.


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