Attributes filter shortcode

The Prodigy Attributes Filter shortcode allows you display a list product attribute names and values that can be used to filter the results of a catalog page on your site.  Each attribute value shows the corresponding number of products that match within the current view.  Attributes and/or values that have no matching products with the current list of products are automatically hidden.


Example Usage

Show all attributes that exist for the store.


Available Attributes


Accepts a list of comma separated Attribute IDs to display.  You can find the Attribute IDs in the WordPress Admin by navigating to Prodigy -> Attributes and looking for the ID column.

[prodigy_attributes_filter attribute_ids="1,2,3"]


Accepts a list of comma separated Attribute Names to display in the filter.  If omitted, all attributes will be displayed by default.

[prodigy_attributes_filter attribute_names="Size, Color, Material"]

Template Override

The template used by this shortcode can be overridden by copying the template into your theme or child theme and then editing.

Copy from:


Copy to:



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