Product Settings

In this article, you will learn more about the following:

To get started with managing your product settings, navigate to Settings -> Products on the left sidebar menu.


Measurements settings

The measurements settings allow you to set the default units for the weight and dimensions of your products. When creating new products, the defaults that you set on this page will be prepopulated on the product page.  However, this is just for convenience and you can always override the unit of measure at the product level.


The weight field can be set to either gram, pound, ounce, or kilogram.  The dimensions field can be set to either centimeter or inch.

Display out of stock items

This setting allows you to control whether out-of-stock items will be shown or hidden on the front end of your website. The default behavior is for out-of-stock items to be shown on the front end, but the customer will not be able to add the item to their cart and they will see an out-of-stock message. If you want to hide out-of-stock items, just check the Hide out of stock items checkbox.


Out of stock message on storefront

If a customer attempts to purchase a quantity of a product that is greater than the available inventory, you have a choice to show either a general or a more specific message. The more specific message will indicate the exact quantity of the item that is currently in stock.


Display range/minimum price

For products that have variants with a range of prices, you can either display the minimum price or the range of prices on the storefront.


That's everything that you need to know about the product settings.  In the next article, we will go over configuring your store's Shipping Settings.


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