Abandoned checkouts

In this article, you will learn more about the following aspects of managing your store's abandoned checkouts.

An abandoned checkout is created when a customer passes the first step of the checkout process but fails to complete the order within 4 hours.  This gives you the opportunity to follow up with the customer to try to complete the sale.

Managing your list of abandoned checkouts

To view your store's abandoned checkouts, log in to your store and navigate to Orders -> Abandoned Checkouts in the left sidebar menu.


You will then see a list of abandoned checkouts sorted by the most recent by default.


There are two different statuses that provide additional information about an abandoned checkout:

  • Email Status - this tells you if an abandoned checkout recovery email has already been sent to the customer.
  • Recovery Status - this status tells you if the customer has used a recovery link to complete the order.


From the abandoned checkouts list it is possible to use a bulk action to send recovery emails to multiple customers.  Select the checkboxes in the left column next to the checkouts that you want to send recovery emails to and the click the Send a Checkout recover email option as shown below.


Viewing the details of an abandoned checkout

To view the details of an individual abandoned checkout, just click on the Checkout # link in the list of abandoned checkouts.  You will then see the abandoned checkout detail page with detailed information about the customer and the items that were in their cart.


To send a checkout recovery email from the abandoned checkout detail page, just click the Send a Checkout Recover Email button that is above the order details.  You can send a maximum of two checkout recover emails for each abandoned checkout from our platform.

If you wish to send additional checkout recovery emails from another email system, you can copy the checkout recovery URL link from this page by clicking the copy icon to the right of the URL.


At the bottom of the abandoned checkout detail page you will see a timeline that documents the history of actions related to that abandoned checkout.  There will be entries in the timeline for when the abandoned checkout was created, when recovery emails were sent, and when the checkout was recovered.  You can also add a custom note to the timeline by typing in the Add a comment field and pressing enter.


Customizing the checkout recovery email

To customize the abandoned checkout recovery email, navigate to Settings -> Email in the left sidebar menu.


Then scroll down in the list of emails to the Customer heading and look for the Abandoned checkout recovery email.


If you click on the title of the email, you will then see the email customization page.  You can customize the subject line and body of the email by editing the content in the left column.  You will see a live preview of your changes in the right column.  You can send a test email to yourself by clicking on the Send Test Email button at the bottom of the left column. 


Automating the delivery of checkout recovery emails

If you would like to automatically send abandoned checkout recover emails to your customers, you can enable that feature by navigating to Settings -> Checkouts in the left sidebar menu.


At the bottom of the checkout settings page, you will see a checkbox to enable automated checkout recovery emails.  You can then adjust the settings below to determine who will receive the emails and the time interval before the email is sent.


That's everything that you need to know about abandoned checkouts.  In the next article, we will discuss Test orders in development mode.


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