Creating Coupons

Creating coupons that your customers can use during checkout is simple in Prodigy Commerce.  To get started, just navigate to the Coupons page from the left sidebar menu.


You will then be on the Coupons list page.  To start the process of creating a new coupon, click on the Create Coupon button at the top right of the screen.


Coupon Code

You will then be on the Create New Coupon page.  The first step is to create a code that your customers will enter during the checkout process to apply the coupon.  You can either create your own code or you can use the Generate Code button to generate a random code.  The code must consist of only letters and numbers with no spaces.


Coupon Options

The next step is to set the Coupon Options.  The coupon type can be set to either a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount discount.  After selecting the type, you can then set the value to either the percentage or dollar amount of the discount that you are offering.  If you require a minimum purchase for the discount, you can check the minimum purchase checkbox and set the minimum purchase amount that you require for the coupon to be valid.


Coupon Applies To

In the next section, you will specify which products are eligible to receive this discount.  If you select Entire order, all products in your store will be eligible for the discount and it will be applied to the subtotal of the order assuming any minimum purchase amount was met.  If you chose Selected categories or Selected products, you can search or browse your catalog and select multiple categories or products that the coupon should apply to.  If you limit the coupon to selected categories or products, the discount will only apply to those items on an order.


Customer Eligibility

Next you can set the customer eligibility for the coupon.  If you select Everyone, the coupon can be applied by any customer during checkout.  If you only want certain groups of customers to be eligible to use the coupon, select the Selected group of customers option.  You will then be able to select from any customer groups that you have previously created.  See our article about creating customer groups to learn more about this feature.


Coupon Usage Limits

In the next section, you can specify if you want to set any coupon usage limits.  You can limit the total number of times the coupon can be used by all customers.  For example, if you only want to offer the coupon to the first 100 customers to respond to the offer.  You can also limit the usage to once per customer.


Coupon Active Dates

You can also set start and end dates/times for your coupon.  Use the datepickers in each field to set the start or end dates.  If you leave the Start Date blank the coupon will be immediately active.  If you set the Start Date to a future date, the coupon will have a Scheduled status and will automatically become Active when the start time arrives.  If you leave the End Date blank the coupon will remain active indefinitely.  If you set a future End Date, the status of coupon will automatically change to Inactive when the end date arrives.


That's everything that you need to know about creating coupons.


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