Checkout Settings

In this article, you will learn more about the following:


To get started, navigate to Settings -> Checkouts on the left sidebar menu.


Customizing the checkout styling

There are a number of elements of the checkout and customer account pages that can be customized to make the flow between your WordPress website and those pages more seamless.  To start customizing your checkout, just click on the Customize Checkout button.


You will then see in the left column the list of elements that can be customized.  Simply click on the field of any of these elements to change the value.  You will immediately see the results of your customizations in the example checkout or login page in the main content area to the right.


The following elements can be customized:

  • Font Family
  • Background Color
  • Containers Color
  • Containers Border Color
  • Primary Text Color
  • Secondary Text Color
  • Button Background Color
  • Button Text Color


Customer account options

These settings allow you to control how your store handle customer accounts.  By default, every new store is provisioned with customer accounts set to Optional.


Customer accounts can be set to disabled, optional, or required.

  • Disabled - when customer accounts are disabled all customers will check out as a guest.  They will not be able to save any addresses or payment methods for future use and will have to re-enter that information every time they check out.

  • Optional - the customer will have the choice to either check out as a guest or create an account and log in before checking out.  If they chose to log in, they will be able to save addresses and payment methods for future purchases, which will make the checkout process faster and easier for subsequent orders.

  • Required - every customer will be required to create an account and log in before they are able to checkout and make a purchase.


Checkout form options

The checkout form options allows you to specify whether the shipping address phone number is hidden, optional, or required.


Checkout order processing options

If your store has customer accounts set to optional, you can use the order processing setting shown below to specify the first step of the checkout process.  


You can choose from the following settings:

  • Log In page - in this case the checkout process would start on the Log In page and the customer will also see a link to checkout as a guest which would redirect them to the 1st step of checkout (customer information / shipping address).

  • First step of Checkout - in this case the checkout process will start on the 1st step (customer information / shipping address) and they will have the option to go to the login page if they have an account.

The next order processing setting determines whether new customers are automatically opted in to email marketing.


Policies for refunds, privacy, and terms of service

The final sections of the checkout settings page deal with your refund, privacy, and terms of service policies.  If you are accepting credit cards as payment, it is required by the Card Brands that you publish these policies.

If you have an existing policy for each of these, you can simply copy and paste the text into the text area.  If you would like to generate a sample policy to use as a starting point, you can click the Generate sample policy button and then edit the policy as you see fit.  


That's everything that you need to know about the Checkout Settings.  In the next article we will go over the Email Settings.


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