Managing Customers

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Manually creating customers

In Prodigy Commerce we allow our users to manually create customers and put them into the Customers list.

To manually create a new customer, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Customers list by clicking the appropriate button in the left-side menu:

  2. Then click the Create Customer button

  3. You will see the Create a New Customer form. Fill it in with all of the required information and click the Save Customer button


That's it, the new customer will be created, and the system will send the customer an invitation email  to confirm and create a password.  See our article on Email Settings to learn more about the customer invitation email and other system emails.

Deleting a customer's account

If customer accounts are required, then you can disable an account if you want to prevent a particular customer from placing an order with you.


  1. From your Prodigy Commerce admin, go to Customers
  2. Click the name of the customer you want to disable
  3. Click three dots icon on the customer’s information page to open a drop-down menu

  4. Click Delete this customer option
  5. Confirm your action in the modal window:


Bulk deleting customer accounts

From the Customers list, you can delete multiple customers accounts with one action.


  1. Select customers that you want to delete and click Delete Customers in a drop-down menu

  2. Confirm your action in a pop-up window


Note: Keep in mind that you can only delete customers that do not have orders


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